I am Evan,

I’m a costume cutter,

Here is my work


Who am I?

When I was a child at school, my favourite subject was history and I loved fantasy novels. After each lesson, all I wanted to do was to come back home to fight mythological creatures and save imaginary worlds, armed and dressed with costumes made from any thing I could get my hands on.

After many years of adventures & questing on my parents land, I joined a medieval re-enactment association. Always fond of history and costumes, the re-enactment made me discover something that was totally unknown for me at that time: the entertainment industry.

After 2 years studying metal fabrication I decided to go into show business as a costume maker. During a further 6 years of studying sewing, patterns, moulding etc. I got the opportunity to work on several productions.

My professional career began in 2009 and I have since worked on many productions where I have developed my own style and have become a versatile costume maker with a varied skillset.

I enjoy challenges and am always looking for new techniques to apply my craft.

let’s work together!

📍 Based in Vancouver

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